Special Considerations

Physical Therapy for Veterans, Chronic Disease Sufferers and Diabetics

Veteran Care Program
Health at Home Physiotherapy offers services for veterans. Twenty in-home visits are available for military veterans with a "K" number, each calendar year. This is a great opportunity to receive help with improving your strength, mobility and abilities in order to stay independent as long as possible!

Chronic Disease Management Program
Do you have a chronic disease such as arthritis, COPD, post-stroke, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis or other illness? We can visit you, do a baseline assessment, and develop an individualized program to suit your specific needs and monitor your progress.

Diabetes Health Management Through Exercise Program
Health at Home offers an 8-week one-on-one resistance program for diabetics, personalized to suit your own circumstances. This is very beneficial for anyone who is newly diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and wants to improve regulation of blood sugars through a monitored exercise routine.

Pool Program 
Do you want to improve your health, but you don't enjoy traditional exercise? Or perhaps your joints hurt too much to exercise? Maybe you don't trust your balance to do regular exercise? Our one-on-one pool program would be a great twist on traditional exercise, taking pressure off your joints and providing needed support to carry out your program safely. Call us to ask how we can help with this fun option!

Aging Parents 
Many of us are faced with the task of caring for an aging family member. One of our top concerns is whether or not our parents are safe living independently in their homes. Health at Home can help to put your mind at ease. Our therapists have designed a program to assess the safety of elderly people who are living independently.

Aging Parents – How Do I Know If Mom and Dad Are Still Safe Living at Home?

A very large group of people, the baby boomers, are now at the age that they are concerned about their aging parents’ ability to take care of themselves, worried about how are they coping living alone in their home. They often feel pulled in two directions as they are still caring for their own children, yet are finding they need to play a frequently increasing role in the care of their parents. On top of this, many of these boomers are still working and often live too far away to “pop in” to check on mom and dad. Many are questioning whether their parents are even safe still living on their own. Should they be climbing their stairs? Will they remember to turn off the stove? Are they safe to go to the bathroom in the dark on their own?

These are valid concerns and a stress shared by many. But there are steps you can take to help aging parents live safely and independently, and Health at Home Physiotherapy can help point you in right direction. There are objective ways our therapists can assess whether a person is at risk for falling in the home, for instance. We have assessment tools to determine how strong they are, what their stamina is like, how their balance may be compromised, we can assess their joint integrity, and monitortheir blood pressure and respiration rate as well. We are skilled at assessing their home environment for safety issues and can suggest ideas on how to make their home safer and more enjoyable. This, in turn, will help put your mind at ease. When we do an in home assessment we look at each room, how the occupant uses the room and note any hazards. From here, we make recommendations to the resident, family members and caregivers about what can be done to help maintain your loved one’s independence in the home. We will also leave you resources to find any aids they may need to this end.

We often find that our patients have poor leg strength. Lower-extremity weakness is a statistically significant risk factor for falls and by the sixth decade, 12-15% muscle loss per decade is expected. Studies have shown that as little as two sessions per week of leg exercises are enough to improve leg strength. An in home physiotherapist will design a custom exercise program which is both challenging and achievable for your mom or dad. We will continually monitor their gains and adjust the program as needed. Whether they need exercises to do in bed or someone to walk outside with them on the trails, Health at Home therapists will tailor the perfect program.

Health at Home Physiotherapy commits to working closely with our aged patients to keep them safe and in their home and provide peace of mind for their family.

-Heather McGirr